You're a Financial Planner...Now What?

Want to be the best CFP® professional you can be? On our podcast, "You’re a Financial Planner, Now What?" our hosts are on a mission to share insights from across the profession. Every week, there's a new episode featuring financial planners and other professionals, on topics ranging from designations to business models to support your clients.

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Successful Planning Partnerships and Work/Life Balance

What happens when you need to find a new job in the profession, but the opportunities out there aren’t quite right for you? If you’re investment advisor Nina O’Neal, the answer is simple: you create your own.
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Global Perspectives on the Financial Planning Profession

We get to regularly speak with diverse financial planners who hail from all corners of the United States. This week, we were lucky to talk with Kate Holmes, global advocate, CFP®, international speaker, and podcast host about what financial planning...
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Real Work and the Secret Society of Financial Planners

Carl Richards of New York Times Sketch Guy fame needs no introduction. As a former financial planner and current columnist, author, and speaker, Carl had lots to share with Hannah about what the “real work” in our profession, the beauty of simplicity...
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The Retirement Planning Experience

This week, we welcomed back Roger Whitney, award-winning podcaster and CFP® who serves retirees. We talked about the three phases of his retirement planning experience, as well as the Retirement Answer Man podcast and his membership community...
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The 75/25 Rule & the Power of Listening

The doctor is in! We welcomed financial psychologist and CFP® Dr. Brad Klontz back for another episode of YAFPNW. This time, we discussed the power of communication and emotion, money scripts, and using social media to spread the truth about money.
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Actions Speak Louder than Words

Less than 1% of financial advisors are both CFA Charterholders and Certified Financial Planners. Keith Beverly, managing partner and CIO of Grid 202 Partners, is part of that 1%. Tune in to this episode as Keith shares his professional journey.
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How to Ace the Interview as a New Planner

What does it take to be a standout job candidate? Cooper Grady, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at Apollon Wealth Management, had tons of practical advice to share with new planners navigating the hiring process.
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Taking Your Career as It Comes

Go big or go home. Dream big. But what if you’re not the “dreamer” type? Good news: you can still reach your goals. We talk to Meg Bartelt, CFP® and president of Flow Financial Planning, about how she built her firm through hard work, self-care, an awesom
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7 Planners & Their Takeaways from Fall Residency

FPA Fall Residency is a week-long program that takes place in Denver In this episode of YAFPNW, I caught up with my teammates from Residency to discuss our individual experiences and the big takeaways from the program.
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