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FPA's family of publications delivers timely and actionable content that helps you advance in your career.
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Contribute to FPA's Journal

From peer-reviewed research to actionable practice management content, all FPA publications are powered by FPA members. Add your voice to this impressive body of knowledge.
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Join the Journal's Editorial or Peer Review Board

Join the Journal's Editorial or Peer Review Board
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Speak at the Annual Conference

FPA hosts one of the largest financial planning conferences in the world, attracting CFP® professionals and financial planning thought leaders from across the globe.

Present Your Research

Apply for a 15-minute lightning talk at the FPA Annual Conference. These standing-room-only sessions help planners and academics learn what topics are at the forefront of financial planning research, and provide you with valuable input.
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Apply As a Speaker

Share your expertise to a packed room of your colleagues from across the globe. From keynote speakers to general and breakout sessions, there are a host of opportunities.