Imagine confidently stepping into the spotlight, poised to share your financial expertise and insights with the world. It's not just a dream – it's a reality waiting for you with FPA's on-demand, virtual Media Mastery 2.0, developed with AdvisorPR and hosted exclusively through the FPA Learning Center.

Elevate Your Presence with Media Mastery 2.0

It's more than just a course; it's a prerequisite for financial planners like you who aim to drive impact in working within the world of media relations and want to speak with authority and confidence.

Media Mastery 2.0: Module 0

You’ll dive into the inner workings of the FPA MediaSource platform, where you'll discover the technical aspects of the system and the 11 essential keys to make it work for you. It's FREE for FPA Members and required for access to FPA MediaSource!
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Media Mastery 2.0: Modules 1-4

These modules will walk you through the foundations of public relations, how to prepare for an interview, best interview practices, advanced public relations strategies, and more. These modules are available to FPA Members for $99 or $199 for nonmembers.
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Our Partner

Media Mastery 2.0 was developed in partnership with AdvisorPR, a branding, marketing and public relations firm providing turnkey marketing communications solutions exclusively to financial professionals and the corporate companies that serve them.
FPA MediaSource

Get Connected to Journalists

Through our media query system, FPA will connect you with journalists compiling personal finance stories. We'll vet media queries on your behalf, and present you the opportunity to respond. Completion of Media Mastery 2.0: Module 0 is required.