As a financial planner, you’re an expert. You have knowledge and experience that sets you apart from other professionals – and you should be recognized for it.

As your partner in planning, FPA can help you receive the attention you deserve for your financial planning prowess. That’s because our media engagement program not only teaches you how to engage journalists the right way, but it also provides you an opportunity to connect with them directly via a unique media query platform – FPA MediaSource.

Working with the media not only showcases your expertise, but it increases your brand awareness, drives your visibility on the web, and can lead to exciting business growth opportunities. Learn how FPA can be your partner in this exciting work.

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Media Training Program

This media training program is your first step to effectively working with journalists.
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FPA MediaSource

Open to CFP® professional members of FPA, this automated media query platform helps you connect with journalists.
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Are you a reporter working on deadline? This is your only stop to find a CFP® professional who has the background to help.
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