Financial planning is empowering. It provides a clear picture of your financial situation and how the right course of action can turn financial challenges into opportunities for a better path forward. And contrary to what some people think, financial planning is for everyone no matter how much money you have. What’s important is there are knowledgeable, experienced financial planners who care and are making their expertise available to those consumers who need the help.

In 2020, more than 11,500 consumers across the country received pro bono financial planning or attended financial education workshops held by FPA members and chapters. Nearly 15,000 hours of pro bono financial planning advice was provided by our FPA members and chapters to help those in underserved and at-risk communities realize the power of financial planning.

The result of this work is tangible, impactful, and long-lasting.

Everyone deserves to feel hopeful and optimistic about their financial future. No matter your background or situation, there is a financial planner looking to help

See for yourself how pro bono financial planning can change your tomorrow.

Are you part of an underserved or at-risk community* and could benefit from some pro bono financial planning advice from a volunteer financial planner? Through our nationwide network of local FPA chapters and a variety of national partnerships, there are a number of programs available to consumers looking for pro bono financial planning advice.

*e.g., low-income individuals and families, military personnel/veterans, domestic violence survivors; people affected by natural disasters, serious medical crises, bankruptcy, etc.

Pro Bono Financial Planning Near You

Connect with FPA volunteers offering pro bono financial planning
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COVID-19 Pro Bono Program

FPA members are providing short-term, no-strings-attached financial planning guidance to those impacted by the pandemic.
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Financial Planning for Cancer Program

Pro bono financial planning to help families cope with the financial implications of a cancer diagnosis.
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Homes for Our Troops

Pro bono financial planning for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans
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Personal Finance Resources

Access a variety of resources to learn more about personal finance
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FPA Pro Bono Strategic Partner

FPA and the Foundation for Financial Planning have worked together with a focus on delivering optimal management for pro bono initiatives and support to the FPA members and chapters that volunteer to serve people in need of financial planning services.