Besides the option of submitting a ticket to our helpdesk, which is always the optimal way to find the support you need no matter the FPA question or issue you are having, you can also use the following directory of key FPA staff.

The following directory provides the names, titles, and contact information for those team members who lead functional areas of the organization. If they cannot address an issue for you, they can connect you with the right member from the team who can. And remember, you can also contact us at (800) 322-4237 (US and Canada) or (303) 759-4900 (International).

Chapter Engagement
  • Ben Lewis  |  Chief Communications Officer  |  |  303-867-7190
Conferences and Meetings
  • Megan Tallman, CMP  |  Director, Conferences and Meetings  |  |  303-867-7318
  • Destre Downing  |  Director, Member Engagement  |  |  303-867-7157
Pro Bono
Strategic Partnerships
Volunteer Engagement
  • Christine Richardson  |  Managing Director, Mission Support  |  |  303-867-7104