The next generation is comprised of new and aspiring financial planners who come from a variety of life experiences and backgrounds. FPA gives them a professional home from which they can thrive.

Those entering the financial planning profession today do so in different ways. Some are students exploring financial planning as their potential vocation, while others are career-changers. Some are recent graduates preparing to take the CFP® examination, while others are joining firms at the ground level. The “next generation” is no longer defined by age but rather by where you are in your career.

FPA NexGen is an inclusive community of members of all backgrounds – no matter how they arrived in the profession. The community is ultra-collaborative, so if you have a passion for connecting with your peers, learning how you can be a better financial planner, and sharing insights, FPA NexGen is for you.

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Meet the team of elected volunteer leaders who guide the work of the community.
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FPA NexGen® Gathering

Designed for the next generation, this event helps you discover your community, develop your skills, and transform your career.
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FPA Student Communities

FPA is the professional home for today's students who endeavor to be tomorrow's practitioners.
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