FPA PlannerSearch® can help drive your online visibility, which can lead to business opportunities.

In today’s ultra-competitive digital world, appearing at the top of Google search results is paramount for anyone wanting to attract new business. FPA PlannerSearch® can help make you more visible when consumers search for you by name or search for financial planners in your area. We built the platform with three distinct goals:

Findability: The platform’s foundation is built from the perspective of traffic acquisition. Best practices in SEO, social sharing, and structured data drive the platform’s architecture so members can be found more often and in more places across the web.

Usability: Consumers enjoy a streamlined experience and can easily accomplish their goal of researching, contacting, and partnering with a financial planner that meets their unique individual needs.

Accessibility: Consumers seeking to find a financial planner from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone are treated to a seamless user experience at their convenience.

To participate, you must be a CFP® professional and FPA member in good standing. Participation is free with FPA membership, but you must opt-in to participate.

To opt-in, please get in touch with Member Services at (800) 322-4237 or submit a request at memberservices@onefpa.org.

To view detailed instructions for setting up your profile, click here.