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Upping Your Question Game: 25 Questions for Better Client Connections Throughout the Financial Planning Engagement | KEYNOTE

Meghaan R. Lurtz, Ph.D. |  Professor of Practice, Kansas State University

Asking great questions is an essential part of the job of the financial advisor. Great questions help us to gather important information, and great questions can help motivate clients to take action. Many advisors are aware of the difference between a closed-ended question and an open-ended question, but questions can take additional forms as well. Join us this month and learn not only about the different types of questions that are available to advisors, but also about how and when to use these questions throughout the financial planning relationship.

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Required Minimum Distributions After the SECURE Act and Regulations | BREAKOUT

Jeff Dixon, J.D., LL.M | Senior Vice President Retirement Plans, Bank OZK

Join Jeff as he discusses the required minimum distribution rules for individual retirement accounts with a primary focus of the 2022 Department of Treasury regulations which impact the SECURE Act.  

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Why Responsible Investing is Important for Your Business| BREAKOUT

Annie Joyce | Amundi Asset Management

Interest in responsible investing within the US (and for that matter around the world) continues to grow at a rapid rate. However, roadblocks to an even greater pace of growth remain. We lack a common language and definitions for elements that comprise responsible investing, and misperceptions among many investors regarding whether and how responsible investing may contribute to their desired investment outcome.

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Have Your Clients Planned for the Cost of Care Later in Life? | GENERAL SESSION

Laura O'Dea, CFP | Senior Living Care Advisor, Assisted Living Locators
Nicki Applefield Engel, J.D. | Certified Elder Care Law Attorney, Collins Elder Law Group
Dan Hopson, CFP | Regional Director, Prudential Financial

Healthcare is one of the largest expenses retirees need to plan for before retirement. Yet many people don’t take time to consider these expenses when putting together a retirement plan. With life expectancies on the rise, financial planners are realizing that planning for healthcare costs is essential when planning for retirement, as well as, making certain that the proper legal documents are in place. This panel will help you understand the cost of long term care, the choices to fund those costs, the care options available, and the legal documents necessary to protect clients against incapacity and provide the care they might need in their later years of life.

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Medicare: An Overview and How to Help Your Clients Plan for It | BREAKOUT

John Goldsbury, J.D. 

This presentation will give the professional advisor an overview of the Medicare system so you can better help clients navigate the enrollment process, both the initial enrollment at age 65 and the annual re-enrollment thereafter.

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A Case For Crypto | BREAKOUT

Pawan Mishra | Cofounder & CEO, Mudra Capital Management

Crypto is probably the most talked about innovation in the recent years, yet there is still very little known about it as many people still look at it as investing in Bitcoin, missing the bigger picture of Web3 evolution that it’s effecting. In this talk, technology and wealth management expert, Pawan Mishra, draws a holistic picture for Crypto, leaving audience with an enhanced understanding of this new, emerging asset class. The talk also includes the risks inherent in the Crypto space and the efforts underway to better protect the investors.

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Navigating Through Personal Tax Planning | GENERAL SESSION

Joel Friedlander |  Partner, Ernst & Young

While no active legislation is currently pending in Congress that warrants immediate action, the goal of this session will be to take advisors through different planning opportunities that exist no matter what legislation might be enacted and others that have different aspects based on how the proposed legislation shakes out. Each section of the presentation will provide practical examples that advisors can use in their everyday business world when identifying when a client might have a tax matter that needs to be addressed and understanding what the different options might be along with proactively getting ahead of other opportunities before too much time has passed.

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