January 24, 2022 Handouts - LIVE Symposium - Westin Tysons Hotel, Falls Church, VA

Check in begins at 7:30 AM. Opening Announcements Begin at 8:00 AM. Coffee, Tea and individually wrapped Breakfast Bars will be available.


Instructions for CE - CE Form Links

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Speaker Bios

Cozy Wittman - Session 1

Cozy Wittman - Session 2

Miranda Reiter - Handouts

David Kelly - Handouts

Steve Gurney - Handouts

Mary Beth Franklin - Handouts for Session 1 and 2

Andy Friedman - No Handouts

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January 13, 2022 Handouts - VIRTUAL ETHICS PROGRAM

Program Agenda


Check in will begin at 2:20 PM. Opening Announcements will Begin at 2:30 PM. You must be PRESENT when we begin in order to receive your CE. The program will end by 5:00 PM. Please have your NAME on your zoom box in order to be ADMITTED FOR THE SESSION, as well as RECORDED for ATTENDANCE AND CE!

SPECIAL NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TWO DEVICES FOR THIS COURSE - Please prepare in advance! Details and Instructions are included in the handout above - INSTRUCTIONS FOR ETHICS COURSE. Please read the Instructions PRIOR to the Session.

Our Instructor requires a CE FORM to be completed by all Attendees Requesting CFP CE. Follow the Links Below!

To Obtain Your CFP CE:

In order to have CE credits logged, each participant MUST complete the following form: Request for CE Credits [https://bit.ly/2Y7LQVx] WITHIN 48 HOURS of course completion.

For any Non-CFP Professionals who may attend the course who will require a Certificate of Completion, please submit the following form within 48 hours of the completion of the course:

Non CFP Certificate Request [https://bit.ly/3ld7NeR]



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