An Update from Your CEO

Our Best Days Are Ahead

Journal of Financial Planning: May 2021


I believe trust is earned through clear communication. That means acknowledging where FPA has been as an organization, what we are doing to make the organization better today, and what we need to accomplish to make the organization successful in the future. I
also believe that focusing too much on the past can hinder progress.

In my brief time as the CEO of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®), I have heard from various stakeholders about the Association’s missteps over the years and how those missteps have hurt FPA from the standpoint of membership losses and a perceived diminishment of standing in the profession. The Board of Directors and staff share many of the same concerns and are using them to inform the decisions we are making today to strengthen the organization in the years to come. That means adopting a “windshield mindset” where we focus on what we must do moving forward to secure our Association’s future.

I believe FPA’s best days are ahead of us—not in the rearview mirror. We have every opportunity to chart a course for a prosperous future where FPA is growing, our members receive top value for their membership investment, and FPA is leading the way in making financial planning resonate in all corners of society. With that framing in mind, I’m pleased to report on some actions we have taken that I believe position FPA for a brighter future, including a staff restructure, our plans to stabilize the membership, and our commitment to embracing diversity of opinion. For a deep dive into each of these three aspects, please visit

Clear communication with our members, volunteer leaders, and other stakeholders is more important than ever. I am committed to ensuring we are doing what we can to keep you informed. But effective communication means you are doing as much listening as you are talking. That’s why we want to hear from you. If you have questions, concerns, ideas, or comments, please share them.

Thank you for being a valued member of our Association.

Patrick D. Mahoney