May 2023: Serving Business Owners



More Good than Bad for Small Businesses in Recent Tax Legislation

By Randy Gardner, J.D., L.L.M., CFP®, CPA, RLP, AEP, and Julie Welch, CFP®, CPA/PFS, AEP

Recent legislative changes have made tax season and setting up retirement plans easier for a lot of businesses.




Five Critical Functions for Cultivating the Next Generation

By Michael Rose

Transparency is key if you want to nurture an environment of mutual trust in your practice.



A Field of Dreams: How NIL Changed the Game for Student Athletes

By Dan Johnson

Planners who serve—or seek to serve—clients with athletic aspirations should become familiar with how name, image, and likeness rule changes affect the way these young people are compensated.


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Plan for the Client You Have, Not the Clients You’ve Had

By David Haughton, J.D.

Featured Article

Strategies for Next-Gen Advisers to Connect with the Next-Gen of Clients

By Philipp Hecker

My Career Path

Lynn Ballou Looks Back on Building the Career You Want

Tips for the NexGen Community

The FPA Community Weighs in on Serving Clients


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Succession Planning
5×W vs. 2×Revenue: Five Questions for Better Valuations

By David DeVoe

Trade the outdated valuation rule of thumb for a more inquisitive approach to succession planning.

Advising Business Owners on Health-Related Financial Risks

By Chris Heye, Ph.D.

Business owners have a duty to others that makes planning for health risks a business priority.

Health Insurance
How to Include Healthcare Costs in Small Business Owners’ Financial Plans

By Christine Simone

Sole proprietors or small employers have options for health coverage.

Risk Management
Human Risk Management for Small Businesses

By HanNa Lim, Ph.D., CFP®, and Joseph Ji, Ph.D.

Employees are an asset and a risk for small business owners.



The Arithmetic of Roth Conversions

By Edward F. McQuarrie and James A. DiLellio

Does paying the required tax outside a Roth conversion eventually pay off for any investor if the planning horizon is long enough?

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Financial 9-1-1

By Danielle Andrus


The Small Biz Owner's Economy, Retirement Preparedness, and 'The Social Security Challenge'

Stat Bank


Upcoming Research


The Value of Registered Investment Advisers During the COVID-19 Financial Market Crash—Evidence from 13F Filings and Twitter

By Yuanshan Cheng, Ph.D., CFP®, CFA; Tao Guo, Ph.D., CFP®, CFA; Philip Gibson, Ph.D., CFP®; and Janine Sam, Ph.D., CFP®

Did the frequency and message of tweets have a correlation to RIA performance during the pandemic? This paper looks at how RIAs that didn’t panic sell fared during the market downturn.


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