2022 Trends in Investing

In this year's Trends in Investing survey, we took the opportunity to ask planners how they're utilizing ESG funds and strategies for their clients.
June 2022 Journal of Financial Planning Trends in Investing

2022 Trends in Investing Cover Story

Industry experts share their thoughts on what's driving investment trends in 2022.
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2022 Trends in Investing Report

FPA surveyed hundreds of financial planners to learn how they're investing for their clients. Find out what they had to say.
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The Investments of the Future Focus on Impact

Younger planners are increasingly conscious about the impacts of their investments. Providing ESG guidance will not only align with their values, but it will set you up for the future.
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How to Have the ESG Conversation

Angela Parker explains who's using ESG funds and what they're looking for in this April 2021 article.
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Financial Planners’ Top Three ESG Issues for 2022

Keeping abreast of ever-changing ESG issues is a constant challenge for financial planners. Veriti's Dennis Hammond takes on three top-of-mind concerns in this February article.
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The Time for ESG Investing Is Now

JFP columnist Ryann Marotta examines why consumer demand for ESG investments is growing.
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ESG Investing: Theory, Evidence, and Fiduciary Principles

Max Schanzenbach and Robert Sitkoff provide guidance about when and how ESG investing by trustees and investment fiduciaries is permissible.
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Sustainable Investing and How to “Do Better”

Hannah Moore, CFP®, talks to Sonya Dreizler about what sustainable investing means for this episode of You're a Financial Planner...Now What?
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