In-person event

FPA Austin October 10 Lunch Meeting

Norris Conference Center

TopicReal Estate Secrets & Strategies: An insider’s playbook to mastering real estate investing in today’s market

 Speaker: Chloe Chiang, Realtor

Description: Join us for an exciting luncheon about the dynamic world of real estate investing. Discover the best areas to invest and gain valuable insights into creative financing and tax strategies. Our featured speaker Chloe Chiang is returning for a second time to share her investing playbook as well as significant market trends and predictions that offer both challenges and opportunities in today's market.

More about the Speaker: Chloe Chiang is a Realtor, investor and developer. Over the past 15 years Chloe has become one of Austin's most trusted real estate advisors and the top 1% of Realtors in Central Texas. Chloe sold over $135 million and is highly sought after for her analytical approach to real estate strategy. As an industry insider, Chloe has a unique way of applying market data, city planning and economic factors to real estate that no one else in the industry is doing. Chloe's holistic approach to the real estate market will help you understand what is happening in the market and why. Plus, what's to come! Her data-driven presentation is designed for anyone wanting to build wealth via real estate and learn more about the city of Austin.

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