Hopefully, your supervisor is 100% on board with the affordable cost of FPA membership, because they know you’re going to get value well above and beyond what you pay, and that you will be taking your first step on the road to becoming the best financial planner you can be. 

We know, however, that since there’s money involved, it may take a little bit of extra legwork for an individual or company to make the choice to pony up for your professional development.

To that end, we’ve put together a note you can customize and send to your supervisor to help convince them to set aside the money for your membership. And hey, if they’re not members yet, they might even see your note and think, “I’ve gotta do this too!”

Convince Your Boss to Sponsor FPA Membership - Form Letter/Email

If you (or they) are interested in any additional background, check out the following pages:

Finally, if you’re the boss, and you made it this far down the page, thank you for playing such an important role in lending guidance and wisdom to your team members, and serving as an important mentor to the next generation of financial planners. We appreciate you!