June 2023: Trends in Investing

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The 2023 Trends in Investing Survey

By Danielle Andrus

Investment professionals shared where they’re putting their clients’ money and what they really think about alternative investments.




The Multilayered Process of Building the Right Team

By Gerry Herbison, D.B.A., CFP®, ChFC, CASL, CLF

Creating an A-list team requires aligning values and vision before, during, and after onboarding a new team member.




On Climate Migration and Thinking About the Future

By Mary Martin, Ph.D.

Planners need to imagine a variety of future outcomes to make comprehensive recommendations for their clients’ full financial security.



Streamlining Financial Planning with ChatGPT: A Collaborative Approach between Technology and Human Expertise

By Eric T. Ludwig, CFP®, and Chet R. Bennetts, CFP®, CLU, RICP, CLF

AI likely won’t replace your job anytime soon, but those who successfully utilize it are bound to have an advantage over those who don’t.


Lead Article

How Mentoring Programs Can Empower Next-Gen Advisers—and Their Firms

By David Israel

Featured Article

The Good Story of Cash Flow Planning

By Matthew Jordan

Tips for the NexGen Community

The FPA Community Weighs in on Their Mentors


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Women and Retirement
Advising Women on Estate Planning

By Alexandra Armstrong, CFP®, CRPC

Navigating the technical and emotional pressure of estate planning can be a challenge.

Digital Assets
Why Bitcoin Might End Up Being Everything or Nothing

By Ivory Johnson, CFP®, ChFC

The infamous cryptocurrency has an interesting relationship with the money supply.

Tax Planning
Why Multiphase Withdrawal Strategies Beat Single-Phase Withdrawal Strategies

By William Reichenstein, Ph.D., CFA

A multiphase strategy allows planners and clients to exploit the varying pattern of clients’ MTRs over time.

Your Practice
Five Ops Problems for Planning Firms of All Sizes

By Charesse Spiller

Chances are you’ve encountered one of these challenges—or you will. Here’s what to do to be ready.



Increasing After-Tax Legacy for the Next Generation by Coordinating Beneficiary Designations and Estate Plans

By Roger Young, CFP®

Income taxes can be even more important than estate taxes when passing on wealth, and that calculation can get complicated when there are two or more beneficiaries.

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Chatbot Bebop

By Danielle Andrus


Bonnie Kirchner on Staying True to Your Clients


Buffered ETFs, Crypto Regulation, New CFP Board Scholarship for Women, and an Executive Order for Family Caregivers

Stat Bank


Upcoming Research


The Arithmetic of Roth Conversions

By Edward F. McQuarrie and James A. DiLellio

Does paying the required tax outside a Roth conversion eventually pay off for any investor if the planning horizon is long enough?


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