September 2022: Regulatory/Fiduciary Update

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Examining Regulatory Risk

By Ken C. Joseph and Anna Povinelli

Among the SEC’s enforcement priorities for next year is the new marketing rule. There are several intentional and unintentional regulatory pitfalls that advisers need to avoid.


Remotivating Employees to Get Back into Growth Mode

By Tammy Breitenbach

Employees in stasis need help prioritizing new goals. Some people might plateau, and there are several techniques for bringing that spark back.


Featured Article

How Emotional Intelligence Can Deepen Your Client Relationships

By Kristine McManus, CRPS

My Career Path

Abby Hasling on Finding Your Way and Finding Your Voice


Tips for the NexGen Community

The FPA Community Weighs in on Client Red Flags


Helping Large and Small Clients at Scale with JD Bruce, CPA, PFS

By Hannah Moore, CFP®


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The Power of Using Illustrations to Educate

By Alexandra Armstrong, CFP®, CRPC

Examples bring financial concepts to life when clients can’t grasp the importance of their decisions and how that will affect their portfolios in the long term.

Tax Planning
Implications of SECURE Act 2.0 on Retirement Decumulation Strategies

By William Reichenstein, Ph.D., CFA

The revised SECURE Act would push back the age for RMDs, but the tax on accounts is still a concern. Is it really better to delay RMDs as long as possible?

Your Practice
What Happens After the Initial Financial Plan Is Complete?

By Charesse Spiller

There are three different approaches you can take to servicing clients, and each has their pros and cons in managing client expectations as you move into the implementation phase.

Serving Diverse Clients
The Challenges of Being First

By Dawn Harris

First-gen college students may face emotional and financial trials their peers don’t. Helping them foster ideal money habits can have broad impacts in their families.



The Role of Personal Financial Salience: Part II

By Blain M. Pearson, Ph.D., CFP®, AFC

This paper follows up another research paper published in August 2021. How effective is PFS on financial satisfaction and retirement insecurity?

A Decade of Research in the Journal of Financial Planning (2011–2021)

By Jason Anderson, CFP®, CPA; Joanne C. Wu, CFP®, PFP; Ashlyn Rollins-Koons; Stephen Azaloff; Ruth McCaleb; Cheryl Rauh; and Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC, CFT-I

Ten years of research are analyzed. Trends in types of research papers and sources used are examined, and guidance is given to other researchers who want to submit to the JFP.

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For Financial Planners

By Danielle Andrus


Gas Price Relief and Another Round of Stimulus Checks

Stat Bank


Upcoming Research

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The Psychology of Estate Planning with Blended Families: How Financial Planners Can Better Help Blended Families Develop an Estate Plan That Works

By Mikel Van Cleve, CFP®, and Bradley Klontz, Psy.D., CFP®

As more people remarry and introduce kids from previous marriages, it is vital that both partners feel comfortable with how the estate is set up regarding the children, especially if one partner makes more than the other, so there is no resentment.


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