NOVEMBER 2023: Serving a Diverse Industry



Independence Enabled: Planning for Special Needs

By Alexandria Nadworny, CFP®, CTFA, and John W. Nadworny, CFP®

Clients whose financial planning includes a child with disabilities may need help incorporating ABLE accounts, special needs trusts—or both.




Draft a Blueprint to Chart Your Course Through Business with Focus and Intention

By Gerry Herbison, D.B.A., CFP®, ChFC, CASL, CLF
In order to stay on track with your values and purpose, it’s vital that you think through each step and map out your vision.



How Financial Planners Can Help Female Clients Build Financial Independence

By Lindsey McKay, CFP®
Women experience different cultural norms than men that may impact how they perceive financial decision-making.


Lead Article

Helping Clients with Hearing Loss

By Cary Tucker, CFP®

Featured Article

Health and Care for LGBTQ+ Clients

By Frank Summers, CFP®, ADPA

Skill Builder

Mastering Emotional Client Conversations as a Financial Planner

By Jennifer Gray

Planner Poll

The FPA Community Weighs in on What They Value at Their Workplace

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Succession Planning

The Succession Dance: Equity and Management Transitions

By David DeVoe
Firm owners should begin choreographing their exit long before they are ready.


Race, Gender, Wealth, and the Barriers to Successful Longevity

By Chris Heye, Ph.D.
Planners can help their clients enjoy longer lifespans by addressing social obstacles.

Insurance Planning

Couples and Insurance: Communicating About Mortality, Longevity, and Long-Term Care Risks

By HanNa Lim, Ph.D., CFP®, and Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC, CFT-I
Differing desires and power dynamics in a couple can leave one partner with unmet needs.

Adviser Well-Being

Adviser Well-Being: The Bigger Picture

By Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS, CeFT, and Mary Martin, Ph.D.
Connecting with yourself and being in the moment will show clients that you truly care about them.


Home Buying Tools

By Creyton Gardner and Randy Gardner, J.D., LL.M, CPA, CFP®, AEP (Distinguished)
Planners can provide immense value by helping clients evaluate the decision to rent or buy a home.


Revisiting William Bengen’s ‘SAFEMAX’ Portfolio Withdrawal Rate

By Christopher M. Duquette, Ph.D.
The bond yields originally examined were based on newly purchased bonds and not bonds acquired years before. This is a crucial distinction that can affect the optimal withdrawal rate.

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Power of the Profession

By Danielle Andrus


Financial Advisers for Black and Hispanic Americans, YouTube and Wealthy Clients, and Wealthy Tax Dodgers and the IRS

Stat Bank


Upcoming Research



Examining the Conventional Wisdom of Municipal Bond Investments and Use in Financial Planning

By Timothy M. Todd, Ph.D.; Stuart Heckman, Ph.D.; and Maurice MacDonald, Ph.D.
Municipal bonds are a specialized form of investment that offer exemption from taxation and are generally seen as a safe investment. This paper examines different groups’ investing habits in municipal bonds and why planners should recommend them.


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