JUNE 2024: Trends in Investing



Is it Time for Individual Investors to Look Beyond the Traditional 60/40 Portfolio? 

By John Paglia, Ph.D., CPA, CFA

Introducing more private investments into client portfolios can help overcome some of the shortcomings of this investing stalwart.

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Create an Incredible Stakeholder Experience for Better Retention, Client Service 

By J.J. Peller
Consider your employees’ experience as well as your clients’ to improve satisfaction among all your stakeholders.


Understanding Sustainability in Real Estate Investing

By Samuel Adams
Environmental issues can impact clients’ real estate investments in myriad ways. Planners can help investors make decisions that will optimize long-term outcomes.


How to Incorporate ESG Investing into Your Practice

By Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®
Despite evidence showing that impact-based investing can provide returns comparable to, or even better than, traditional portfolios, many advisers are still finding it difficult to bring up the topic with clients. 


Forward Thinking

Designation Decisions

By Landon Warmund, CFP®, CSLP

Lead Article

What Value Is a Designation? 

By Michael Kothakota, Ph.D.

Skill Builder

Elevate Your Career with Advanced Designations 

By Kristine McManus

Planner Poll

The FPA Community Weighs in on What Clients Value in a Planner 

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Women in Retirement

Working with Widows More Effectively, Part Two

By Alexandra Armstrong, CFP®, CRPC
Figuring out what a widow owns and owes is relatively simple compared to determining her income and expenses in the years to come.

Investment Planning

We Finally Have Access to a Bitcoin ETF. Now What?

By Ivory Johnson, CFP®, ChFC
The cryptocurrency investing landscape continues to shift as stakeholders reevaluate the position it should hold in a portfolio.

Your Practice

An Eight-Step Framework to AUTOMATE

By Charesse Spiller
Automation helps cut back on time lost to repeatable processes and the potential for human error.

Tax Planning

Decoding the Fundamentals of Fiduciary Returns: Accounting and Taxation in Irrevocable Trusts

By Claire Thornton, CFP®, EA
While some trust issues may require an attorney or CPA’s guidance, here’s what every planner should know about irrevocable trusts.


Guaranteed Income and Optimal Retirement Glide Paths

By Doug Waggle, Ph.D., and Pankaj Agrrawal, Ph.D.
When incorporating Social Security payments into calculations about one’s retirement portfolio, this paper finds that some investors could benefit from increasing their investments in equities over time instead of lowering them. 

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Investing for the Future

By Danielle Andrus


Planners Can Serve Clients with Life Insurance Education: 2024 Trends in Investing


Upcoming Research


LLMs Can’t Be Trusted for Financial Advice

By Gary Smith
While AI can provide authoritative-sounding responses to financial questions, the arithmetic used is often incorrect or ignores major factors. This can lead to worrisome recommendations that an experienced planner would know not to propose.

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