APRIL 2024: Ethics and the Profession



Serving Clients with Cognitive Decline

By Mardell D. Presler, J.D.

To prevent financial exploitation, it’s imperative that financial planners help clients establish a proper support network before they start to struggle.



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Adapt or Die: Serving the Next Generation of Clients

By Jessica Colston, PCC
Planners need to start now to build relationships with clients’ children that can be sustained even beyond the parents’ lives.


Forward Thinking

Act Today, Grow Tomorrow

By Blake Pinyon, CFP®, EA

Lead Article

Optimizing Study Groups: A Guide to Forming Effective and Engaging Learning Communities

By Allison Doty, CFP®, CRPS

Featured Article

Finding Community with FPA NexGen

By Landon Warmund, CFP®, CSLP

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The FPA Community Weighs in on Offloading Tasks to AI

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Navigating the Ethical Frontier: AI in Financial Planning

By Dani Fava
The opportunities brought about by AI must be balanced with a purposeful and ongoing approach to ethics.


The Mental Fitness Challenge

By Barbara Kay, LPC, RCC, TIPC
Overwhelming stress levels sap teams of emotional strength, but leaders can develop a training regime for positive thinking.


Tax Season: The Best Time of Year for Your Marketing?

By Kalli Fedusenko
April is a noisy month for clients, but you can show added value by helping them keep their focus.


Comparative Perspectives on Virtual Financial Planning: Similarities and Differences between Planner and Client’s Assessments of Virtual Client Meetings

By Nathan Collier, CFP®, AIF; Jason N. Anderson, CFP®, CPA; Darin Carroll, CFP®, BFA, AAMS; and Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC, CFT-I
Planners and clients have differing opinions on how effective remote meetings are. It’s important to note that their confidence lies in different aspects of virtual sessions.

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Thinking Through Thorny Issues

By Danielle Andrus


Dissatisfied Women, Hidden Fees, and Near-Retirees' Lack of Social Security Knowledge

Stat Bank


EBSA’s Lisa Gomez on Retirement Stability in the United States


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The Benefits of Behavioral Nudges: Using Choice Architecture to Improve Decisions and Shape Outcomes in Retirement Savings Programs

By Shon J. Eckert, CFP®, ChFC, BFA, and Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC, CFT-I
Not enough people are saving for retirement. Auto-enrollment in retirement plans is a remedy, but some have called this paternalistic. However, some form of paternalism, or nudging, will be prevalent in any designed system, so it should be made to benefit the employee.

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