SEPTEMBER 2023: Regulatory/Fiduciary Update

FPA Annual Conference

September 27-29, 2023 -- Phoenix, AZ




Cryptocurrency Compliance and Regulatory Considerations

By Sean J. Coughlin and Angela A. Turiano with assistance from Richard Dow

Regulators have yet to offer a clear framework for oversight of digital currency investments.




50 Years of Service: Interviewing Two of the First CFP® Practitioners

In celebration of this landmark anniversary of the CFP® mark, FPA sat down with a few of the pioneering practitioners and talked about the history and future of financial planning.




Where Do the Hours Go? Get the Time-Management Edge for Productivity

By Gerry Herbison, D.B.A., CFP®, ChFC, CASL, CLF

Actively controlling your time and your development is vital, as you can never recover time.



Drop the Jargon to Master Your Marketing

Two keynote speakers explain that concise, direct communications with prospects help them understand what you can offer them.

Meet the Researchers

Some of our presenters shared a preview of what you’ll hear during the Journal of Financial Planning Research Showcase sessions.


Lead Article

The Solo Adviser

By Danielle Andrus

My Career Path

Louis van der Merwe on Getting Out of Your Depth

Skill Builder

Three Client-Facing Activities Next-Gen Advisers Need to Start Tracking

By Kristine McManus

Planner Poll

FPA Community Weighs in on Connecting with Other Advisers


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Digital Assets
Crypto’s Emerging Influence on the Banking System

By Ivory Johnson, CFP®, ChFC

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had their time in the limelight, but another standard may supplant their usefulness.

Tax Planning
Filing Form SSA-44 Can Reduce Lifetime IRMAAs and Income Taxes

By William Reichenstein, Ph.D., CFA

Planners can help their clients save thousands in additional taxes following
life-changing events.

Your Practice
Unclogging the Prospect Pipeline

By Charesse Spiller

A strong training program is fundamental for multi-adviser firms that struggle to convert prospects.

Women in Retirement
Impact of Caregiving on Retirement Plans

By Alexandra Armstrong, CFP®, CRPC

Helping clients achieve comfortable retirements means helping them prepare for life’s bumps.



Who Uses Social Media for Investment Advice?

By Miranda Reiter, Ph.D., CFP®; Di Qing, Ph.D.; and Morgen Nations

Social media is a growing source of financial information via “finfluencers.” Not everyone is as receptive to financial information received this way, and investors’ investment choices may reflect the information received.

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Demystifying Crypto

By Danielle Andrus


Understanding the IAR CE Rule

Stat Bank


Nouriel Roubini on the Global Triple Threat


Upcoming Research


A Study of Achievement, Risk, and Cryptocurrency Using Learned Needs Theory

By Jason N. Anderson, CFP®, CPA, and Derek R. Lawson, Ph.D., CFP®

Those who exhibit a higher personal achievement tend to have higher risk tolerance. This can result in more risky assets, such as cryptocurrency, in their portfolio. This could be a positive development.


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