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2022 Externship Scholarship information

FPAOC is awarding one full ($199) scholarship and up to 9 $100 scholarships towards the FPA Externship registration cost. Deadline to apply for these scholarships is Friday, May 27. Complete the application by following the link below. If you a have already registered for the Externship, you can still apply for this scholarship and if awarded to you we will reimburse you.

No experience necessary. All are welcome.

You’ll get the opportunity to see how financial planning is applied in diverse financial planning firms, and with diverse clientele, so you can finally see yourself in the profession.

Unlike most financial planning curriculum, information will be presented in dynamic live discussions, that allow you to see how a real Certified Financial Planner™ professional would implement it.

New This Year! Get access to real client meetings and follow along with Hannah Moore, CFP® as she works with clients and navigates questions, unknowns, and relationships.

Register for the Externship. 

Fill out the FPAOC Scholarship Application. 


Host FPA Member benefits of taking in an intern:

  • Opportunity to evaluate a potential employee without obligation for permanent employment.
  • Members can seamlessly convert interns into full-time employees who can be immediately productive. Cost-per-hire is significantly decreased.
  • Gain community respect and goodwill as the community and other employers learn of your support of local college students.
  • You can help develop the Financial Planning profession.
  • Benefit from cutting edge technologies, perspectives, and relevant skills currently being learned in college.
  • Help individuals experience our fluctuating industry.

Benefits for the Intern:

  • Make critical professional contacts.
  • Gain valuable experience and knowledge of the Financial Planning process and the industry.
  • Confidence will improve.
  • Learn the business side of a Financial Planning practice.
  • Gain valuable work experience toward CFP Board requirement.
  • Applying academic learning to hands-on situations.

Let us help your firm develop your intern program! 

Download our helpful Startup Kit: FPA Orange County - Internship Startup Kit

Internships: Benefits, Best Practices and Lessons Learned 

Intern Reading Assignment (Articles Linked Below)

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