Scholarships & Internships


FPAOC, along with Wilshire Finance Partners, is awarding one full ($925) scholarship for one CFP exam per exam cycle. 

Fill out the FPAOC Scholarship Application. 


Host FPA Member benefits of taking in an intern:

  • Opportunity to evaluate a potential employee without obligation for permanent employment.
  • Members can seamlessly convert interns into full-time employees who can be immediately productive. Cost-per-hire is significantly decreased.
  • Gain community respect and goodwill as the community and other employers learn of your support of local college students.
  • You can help develop the Financial Planning profession.
  • Benefit from cutting edge technologies, perspectives, and relevant skills currently being learned in college.
  • Help individuals experience our fluctuating industry.

Benefits for the Intern:

  • Make critical professional contacts.
  • Gain valuable experience and knowledge of the Financial Planning process and the industry.
  • Confidence will improve.
  • Learn the business side of a Financial Planning practice.
  • Gain valuable work experience toward CFP Board requirement.
  • Applying academic learning to hands-on situations.

Let us help your firm develop your intern program! 

Download our helpful Startup Kit: FPA Orange County - Internship Startup Kit

Internships: Benefits, Best Practices and Lessons Learned 

Intern Reading Assignment (Articles Linked Below)

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