June 17, 2020

Dear FPA Community,

We are deeply disturbed by the killing of George Floyd and many other similar, senseless tragedies. Our hearts break for each of these victims and their families, and we must come together in solidarity for fundamental human and civil rights. FPA is committed to listening attentively, and we want to be clear and helpful in our words and actions. We unequivocally state that Black lives matter.

Our original statement (below) focused on the need to understand and listen. We now turn to how FPA and its members can move forward with actions. People of color are underrepresented in our profession, limiting the diversity of those who benefit from financial planning. FPA is committed to learning how to better support and serve diverse communities, which is why our Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working to provide community, resources and opportunities for our members of diverse backgrounds. But we must do more.

Here is where we start: listening to understand. As we work to build bridges within the financial planning community and with our clients, it is imperative that each of us seeks to understand and appreciate the diversity of views and human experiences within our ranks and among our fellow citizens whom we seek to serve.

While FPA has a multi-year plan to institutionalize diversity and inclusion, we are also scheduling listening sessions through FPA Knowledge Circles; committing to working more closely with our diverse leaders, members and allies; and better communicating the work of the FPA Diversity and Inclusion Committee so that you can hold us accountable and keep track of our progress.

How can we do better as an association? Please let us know at diversity@onefpa.org.


Statement from June 2, 2020
In these extraordinary times, the Financial Planning Association stands with those in communities across the country who don’t feel heard, respected, embraced or supported. In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about how the financial planning profession needs to be more accessible, supportive and welcoming. To many, that talk hasn’t led to meaningful action. For many minorities, the doors of the profession are still closed. We need to do more to equip those in the majority with the necessary resources to fully embrace the challenges facing minority practitioners today.

We must work to throw open the doors of the profession to build a more supportive, inclusive community that embraces and nurtures professionals of all races, religions, creeds, genders and sexual orientations. Every FPA member is valued. Through FPA, they will find an open community where they can engage in conversation. If you are struggling with how to respond before speaking out, we encourage all financial planners first to listen. Take the time to update your understanding of what is transpiring. Engage minority practitioners to see how you can be of support. But most importantly, take some time and explore how financial planning businesses can take action to make this profession more accessible, supportive and welcoming.

FPA believes this profession can transform lives, but first, we need to build an inclusive community where all practitioners, including those of color, feel welcomed and supported. Until then, our work is not done.