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2024 Presentations

April 9, 2024
Topic: Insurance Insiders: What Most Insurance Agents Don't Want You to Know CLICK HERE
Speakers: Ben Rainey & Tom O'Brien, ChFC I WealthPoint

Topic: The Value of Real Estate Note Investing  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Mike Hanna, CPL I Investmark Mortgage / REI Capital Fund I

2023 Presentations

November 7, 2023
Topic: Advisory Trends - Organic Growth, Next Generation, and Runaway Founders (Handout not available)
Speaker: Jarrod Upton, MBA, MS, CFP® - Herbers & Company

Topic: Economic & Market Outlook  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Lauren Goodwin, CFA - New York Life Investments

October 10, 2023
Topic: Trust, Loyalty, and Shared Values: How to Communicate Your Company's Purpose to Clients  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Heath Jackson, CFP® - Business Consultant & Corporate Coach - TruGrowth Consulting

Topic: Is 70 the New 60? Understanding the Retirement Revolution  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Steve Benjamin, CEBS, CRPC® (Series 7 & 63) - Manager, Investment Advisory Services
Sit Investment Associates

September 13, 2023
Topic: Cybersecurity Readiness: How Well Are You Aligned With the Latest Regulatory & Industry Standards?  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Mark Madar - Risk Compliance Group

Topic: Mergers & Acquisitions: A Discussion on Why Deals Are Happening, the Types of Deal Structures and Valuation, and Best Practices for Both Buyers and Sellers  CLICK HERE
Speaker: Michael Molnar, Avantax 

June 13, 2023
Topic: Case for Alternative Investments CLICK HERE
Speaker: Matt DenBleyker, CAIA® & Judd Cryer - Commerce Street 

Topic: Powerhouse Profitability: Investing in Texas Real Estate & US Hospitality Real Estate? CLICK HERE
Speaker: Theo Halbardier, CAIA®, Ashford Securities 

May 10, 2023
Topic: Estate Planning Current Developments CLICK HERE
Speaker: Jana Simons, JD, LLM, CFP® - Meadows Collier, Attorneys at Law 

Topic: Where Are We Now in the Investment Cycle? CLICK HERE
Speaker: Peter Perkins, MRB Partners 

April 11, 2023
Topic: REITs: Property at a Discount CLICK HERE
Speaker: Karl Zeller - SS&C ALPS Advisors 

Topic: It's a (R)Evolution: The Modern Investor, Value, Growth CLICK HERE
Speaker: Jackie Wilke - First Trust

February 9, 2023

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2022 Presentations

November 11, 2022
Topic: The US Economy & Post Midterm Elections CLICK HERE
Speaker: Bryce Gill - First Trust 

Topic: Late Stage College Planning CLICK HERE
Speaker: Cozy Wittman - College Inside Track

October 11, 2022

Topic: The 401(k) Landscape with Respect to Plan Design, and ESG & Crypto Investing CLICK HERE
Speaker: Gregory Mykytyn, Commerce Street Capital

Topic: Business Retirement Plans: Market & Approach CLICK HERE
Speaker: Quincy Garcia, Avantax

September 13, 2022

Topic: Where Can Indexes - and Factors - Fall Short? (Career Development Session) I Avantis Investors CLICK HERE

Topic: The Washington Update 
Speaker: Jeff Bush - The Washington Update CLICK HERE

Topic: Technology & Cybersecurity 2022: Trends and Best Practices CLICK HERE
Speaker: Wes Stillman - RightSize Solutions/Visory

August 16, 2022 - FPA DFW Virtual CE Day

Session 1:  Invesco Equity Strategy Playbook CLICK HERE
Speaker: Talley Leger I Invesco

Session 2:  Intro to 1031 Exchanges CLICK HERE
Speaker: Ryan Joyce, CFP®, CPA I Per Stirling

Session 3:  Cash Balance Plans: How they work & ideal candidates CLICK HERE
Speaker: Greg Mykytyn I Commerce Street Peak Advisors

Session 4:  Building a Back Office as the Foundation for Delivering Comprehensive Financial Planning (Handout not provided)
Speaker: Louis Retief, CEO I Hubly

Session 5:  Retirement Income Strategies to Combat Rising Inflation (Handout not provided)
Speaker: Blake Schneider, CFP® I Avantax Wealth Management

Session 6: Estate Planning in an Uncertain Environment CLICK HERE
Speaker: Sam Rocke, CFP® I Palladium Group by Ash Brokerage

Session 7:  Is the US Already in a Recession? CLICK HERE
Speaker: Mary Giraldo, CFA I Guggenheim

June 14, 2022

Topic: ESG Landscape, Evolutions, and Applications CLICK HERE
Speaker: Corinne Merriman, CFA, CPA, Client Relationship Manager I Ethic

Topic: Russia, Ukraine, and the Future of Energy CLICK HERE
Speaker: Brad Olsen I Recurrent Investment Advisors

May 17, 2022

Topic: Opportunities in the Energy Infrastructure Market CLICK HERE
Speaker: Paul Baiocchi, Chief ETF Strategist I SS&C ALPS Advisors

April 19, 2022

Topic: Forms of Texas Divorce & How Financial Advisors Can Assist in the Process CLICK HERE
Speaker: Tasha Rock, CFP®, CDFA I Per Stirling

Topic: An Option for Financial Planners: Third Party Guardianships and Power of Attorneys CLICK HERE
Speaker: Jacob Harvey I Texas Guardian Services, Inc; Jacob B. Harvey Law Firm

January 18, 2022

Topic: 2022 Tax Updates CLICK HERE
Speaker: Anat Borodyansky, CPA; Amy Landry, CPA & Pearl Balsara, CPA
HM&M (Huselton, Morgan & Maultsby, PC)

Topic: 2022 Investment Updates CLICK HERE
Speaker: Nick Kalivas, Head of Factor and Core Equity Product Strategy, Invesco