Join FPAOC and CFAOC for an evening of fun!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

5:00 - 7:00pm

Breaking the Glass Ceiling of High Performance

What if I told you there was a specific profile you have, as a high performer, that comes with a predictable set of challenges? This talk is intended for the high performers who are interested in breaking through their own glass ceilings they have (presumably, unintentionally) created for themselves and develop an ever-changing, continual trajectory of reinventing what they’re capable of. 


* Uncover the limits high performers have

* Discover a new profile of attributes that allows you to reinvent what’s possible

*Receive tools to build upon a new, innovative approach to leadership

Speaker: Jenna Dillon:

Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and CEO/Founder of Executive Performance Institute for Coaching (E.P.I.C.), Jenna Dillon works with high-performing individuals and top-tier organizations, helping accomplished and aspiring leaders achieve greater levels of fulfillment and success in their lives, careers, within their organizational cultures, and as industry influencers.

Jenna partners with her clients to uncover values, beliefs, and internal rules that, up until now, have constrained the achievement of their full potential. By working with Jenna, hundreds of professionals now enjoy living in an environment where authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment live in accordance with each other and enable exponential growth and achievement.

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