Join Financial Planning Association (FPA) members across Florida for a night of trivia, games and interactive fun!

In recognition of National Financial Planning Month (October), FPA of Florida Council is hosting a LIVE virtual Game Night for active FPA members across Florida on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 5:30pm. A minimum $10 buyin is required to play. Proceeds from the event will benefit United Way of Florida's Disaster Recovery Fund. Registration for Game Night closes on Monday, Nov 28th so sign up early (see link below).   

Players will compete in three (3) rounds of LIVE quizzes, questions and video games that will test their planner knowledge and sharpen their skills as a 21st Century financial planning professional. The player who answers a question correctly first will receive 2 points; all other players who answer a question correctly will earn 1 point. The member with the most points will be named 2022 Game Night Champion. In the case of a tie, those players will compete in a fast-paced, tie-breaker elimination round. Prizes for second, third and chapter too!

See official Game Night event page for full details, prizes, and terms.

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