FPA Diversity & Inclusion Vision Statement

Diversity is an integral part of our culture and identity. Inclusion is the way we treat and perceive all individuals and differences. We strive to create an inclusive culture where diversity is seen as a value for the association to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning.

FPA is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive community. 

We Embrace Asian American/Pacific Islander communities (March 2021)

FPA Supports African Americans (2020)

Connect with your FPA Community

FPA is home to numerous communities focused on being a person with a diverse background, or serving diverse communities.

FPA Knowledge Circles

These peer-to-peer learning online communities provide conversation, webinars and resources for individuals who are diverse financial planners or serve diverse communities. All are welcome, please choose the communities that fit your needs:

*Note you must be logged in with your FinancialPlanningAssociation.org credentials to access the above member-only communities. 


FPA is home to many online communities for members serving a variety of demographic and diversity-related areas:

  • FPA NexGen
  • FPA Connect - new communities become available regularly. Want to talk about something different? Create your own community and start the conversation!
FPA Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Established in 2008, FPA was at the forefront in focusing on diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession. Our work continues, and as a board-appointed committee, this group of leaders focus on leadership, education, community, and opportunity for those who are diverse or who serve diverse communities.

The Committee’s work is currently focused on a three-year plan that launched June 2019 in coordination with FPA’s Board of Directors, which includes the following elements:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Education for members, chapter leaders, national volunteers, staff
  • Tools and Resources for chapter leaders, members and leaders in the profession
  • Opportunities to support members through community (virtual and in-person)
  • Scholarships to support diverse members
  • Partnership and collaboration with like-minded organizations

To learn more about the Committee’s work or to join the effort contact FPADiversity@OneFPA.org.

Resources for FPA Chapters


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Diversity & Inclusion Holiday List

Utilize this annual updated calendar that provides substantial opportunities to bring the diversity and inclusion celebration to your community.
Check out a diverse range of holidays and observances.
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Incorporate Diversity & Inclusion into FPA Chapter Activities

Learn how to be more inclusive
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Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

Previous FPA Diversity Committee Chair, Alan Hiss​, walks through a comprehensive presentation discussing the state of diversity and inclusion in the US and how financial planners can use this knowledge to better understand and serve their clients.
Check out the FPA Diversity Toolkit
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Diversity Software Functionality for Financial Planners

Planners: Read this executive summary to see what financial planners are saying about current financial planning software and how/if it meets the needs for those planning for unmarried couples
Learn more
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FPA Connect

FPA's private online community provides numerous networks to support you and your needs.
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Inclusion Resources

2020 Journal of Financial Planning Diversity Issue inclusion resources
Access articles, training resources, book links, podcasts, and much more.

FPA's Event Anti-harassment Policy

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2020 Diversity Scholarship