What are you working on in your spare time to improve yourself, your business or both?

Next Generation Planner: March 2021


The FPA community weighs in on how they’re improving themselves, their practice or both.


“I’m reading and studying more about investment real estate. I’m getting a lot of clients interested in this type of investment and I’m not currently well equipped to recommend and/or analyze appropriate types of investment real estate. [I’m also] watching a ton of legit videos and reading a couple books.”

Maddi Napier, MBA, CFP®, FSRI, QKA
Founder and Financial Planner, Minerva Wealth Planning LLC



“Joining the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and taking their required coursework.”

David McCary, MBA, CFP®, CRI®
Founder and Principal, McCary Anheuser Wealth Management LLC



“Working on the CFP [exam] as well. Also, getting more involved in my local FPA chapter and reaching out to more experienced planners for all the advice I can get.”

Eddy Jurgielewicz
President and Financial Adviser, E. Francis Financial LLC



Writing financial education articles, pursuing the Enrolled Agent designation (part II), and developing a prototype financial planning system.

Cody Garrett, CFP®
Financial Planner, Legacy Asset Management