What Advocacy Issues Are Most Important to You and Why?

Next Generation Planner: June 2021


The FPA community weighs in on the advocacy issues that are most important to them.


“Access to real financial planning can be quite limited for many. (Real financial planning is valuable financial advice that can make a difference in clients’ lives—instead of a thinly-veiled sales pitch for a commissioned financial product.) As financial advisers, we must regularly make time for pro bono financial planning. It’s also important to offer paying clients a one-time financial plan for a flat fee. While fee-only is a good step in the right direction of avoiding conflicts of interest, it still leaves open the conflict of suggesting paying an adviser in perpetuity. Advice-only one-off financial planning makes financial planning more accessible with fewer conflicts of interest.”

Jon Luskin, MBA, CFP®
Ferri Investment Solutions


“Protected term for financial planners. Right now, we are fighting a battle for so many things—such as diversity, equality, etc.—but the problem is we can’t fully separate and have our own voice from those who are only out there to serve the ‘rich’ or who are out there to manage assets and sell product. If we could have a space to show what real financial planning is and how it is just as important to those who may not have assets as it is for those who do. I am of the belief that those who understand what planning truly is are probably more inclined to be pro-diversity, pro-equality, etc., because they usually come in trying to help a person, not an account.”

Matt Fizell, CFP®
Guiding Wealth


“The separation of financial sales and financial planning in name as a requirement in some way. It strikes me that the biggest issue for marketing and consumer transparency is that it’s impossible to tell the difference between services available in our industry.”

Ian Bloom, CFP®, RLP®
Open World Financial Planning


“Leveling commissioned compensation to better reflect the effort and expertise rather than ‘size of investment’ or ‘amount of premium.’”

Daniel Yerger, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, CDFA®
My Wealth Planners

General Financial Planning Principles