Partnerships Available with FPAOC!

The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the leadership and advocacy organization that connects those who need, support and deliver financial planning. FPA's 88 U.S. chapters represent over 23,000 members nationwide. With over 500 members in the local Orange County market alone, FPA is the definitive community of advisors that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession in our area.

FPA of Orange County (FPAOC) Partner Program

FPAOC partners are true partners of our chapter, especially considering recent times. We know the success of both our members and our partners go hand in hand, and we all benefit from these strong relationships. We want our partners to engage with our members, and we work hard to make sure it can happen.
Partners participate in our many events, in member communications, on our website, and through word of mouth by being associated with one of the strongest FPA chapters in the country.

Types of FPA of Orange County Partners

One benefit of having to recreate many of our member experiences in 2020 is a new-found creativity and the ability to focus on the goals of each partner to tailor their partnership. For example, we found real power in using video to share new technologies and the latest research with our members. Members discussed what they learned from partners’ videos and often shared the links out to their own circles – allowing additional audiences to see our partners’ businesses. We also saw partners’ own webinars find added success simply from inviting FPAOC members through our Event Bulletin.

Interested in testing a partnership idea that is outside of the norm? Now’s the time to try it! You will find basic partner levels below, but if we can expand our offerings to meet your needs, we are happy to discuss additional options. Please reach out.


Quarterly Education Meeting (QEM) Partner
2023 Scheduled Dates: February 15, May 17, August 16, November 15. 

Gold Partner (limit 8) $4900
• 10-Minute Presentation to members at one QEM1
• Event passes for 2 at all 4 QEMs
• Large Company Logo and contact information listed prominently on Partner Webpage
• 8 foot Display Table and/or Large Virtual Expo Booth at all 4 QEMs
• Welcome Video (up to 20 sec) added to Company PowerPoint Slide in Rotating Slide Show
• Plus all benefits listed on next page

Silver Partner $3450
• Event passes for 2 at all 4 QEMs
• Medium Company Logo and contact information listed on Partner Webpage
• 8 foot Display Table or Medium Virtual Expo Booth at all 4 QEMs
• Plus all benefits listed on next page

Bronze Partner $2450
• Event passes for 2 at 2 QEMs
• Small Company Logo and contact information listed on Partner Webpage
• 8 foot Display Table or Small Virtual Expo Booth at 2 QEMs
• Your Company’s PowerPoint Slide Added to Rotating Slide Show
• Plus all benefits listed below

Quarterly Meeting Refreshment Partner $1600 In-Person
• Event pass for 1 at 1 QEM
• Present a 1-Minute welcome/introduction from stage immediately prior to refreshment break at 1 QEM
• Virtual Option: Present a 1-Minute welcome/introduction, with ability to deliver food/drink to selected members for 1 QEM
• Plus all benefits listed below

ALL Quarterly Education Meeting Partners receive:
• Display Table Space at in-person meetings (8 ft. table with 2 chairs) or Virtual Expo Space at online meetings*
• Include PDF (up to 10 MB) or weblink to attendees in Welcome Email prior to QEMs
• Invitation to post-event happy hour, Cocktails & Conversations
• FPAOC Member Names and list of Meeting Attendees (as allowed by FPA policies regard-ing member privacy)
• Priority Consideration for Keynote Speaker suggestions for QEMs
• Broadcast your educational events in our chapter Event Bulletin
1Gold Partners – Partners may reserve their 10-minute presentation date at time of payment.
2 Bronze Partners - Presence at 2 Quarterly Education Meetings (February/August or May/November -Partners may choose from available date groups at time of payment.)

Business Solution Partner $1000
A new level of partnership for those who want to offer a business or service to FPAOC members
• Logo, website, video link and contact information on FPAOC Partner webpage
• Opportunity to offer special discount for chapter members on Member Discount webpage

Chapter Mixer, NexGen or Advisors in Transition $500
Single Event Partnership
• Welcome/Introduction as appropriate for event
• Logo, website, video link and contact information displayed on event website and invitation
• Registration for one representative to attend event
• Lists of FPAOC Member Names and Meeting Attendee Names (as allowed by FPA policies regarding member privacy - e.g., no email addresses or phone numbers)

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