This space is dedicated to providing all FPA stakeholders with a look into the two-year OneFPA Network beta-test that will begin in January 2020. Every two weeks, and any other time there is an update to share, posts will be made here to help all FPA members and volunteer leaders understand all that is transpiring throughout the beta-test process. Volunteer leaders and executives from our beta-test chapters will be invited – and encouraged – to share their unfiltered, honest view of the beta-test through written posts, first-person and interview videos, and more.

FPA greatly values the role of transparency in our association. Through transparency, our stakeholders will be able to better form opinions of all we are doing to support our chapters and elevate the member experience and profession. We hope everyone will tune-in to the OneFPA Beta-Blog and continue read the monthly Round-Up email!

So, you’re probably wondering which chapters are actually going to participate in the beta-test. We are delighted to share that 16 applications were received by the deadline of September 15. Over the past month, leaders and executives from each applying chapter participated in interviews with the OneFPA Transition Task force to further explore their interest in the beta-test and collect additional information. After the interviews were completed, the Task Force gathered to review all of the information collected and decide on the chapters that will be part of the beta-test. But before we get to the list of beta-test chapters, we wanted to share some of the thoughts the chapters provided in their applications. They provide a glimpse into how these chapters view the OneFPA Network and why they believe it was important to participate.

Here’s a sampling…

“We strongly support FPA’s goal to create a streamlined process that will further assist our chapter, and all chapters, in promoting the financial planning profession. Our chapter is 280 members strong and more active than most, but somewhat hindered by reliance on common, non-integrated tools. As early adopters, we’re confident this will help our chapter improve and elevate all aspects of chapter management and member engagement. We’re excited to dedicate ourselves to the beta-test and to work collaboratively with FPA toward its success.”

“[Our chapter] supports the overall mission of the OneFPA transition and would like to be at the forefront of the transition efforts. We feel that by being proactive participants in the beta-test, we can be more involved in the process, provide feedback as needed, and be on the leading edge of changes as they occur.”

“Our chapter is not only an integral part of the financial planning profession, but we recognize that we're also part of the broader national community of planners. We believe that we must have a singular and consistent voice in the community to elevate our profession and, most importantly, service to our clients. FPA stands at the forefront and we're committed to promoting and building up our profession for future generations.”

“By participating in the OneFPA Network beta-test, [our chapter] will be investing in both the future of FPA and the future of the financial planning profession, and it is important for us to contribute to the success of both.”

“Our interest in applying centers on the opportunity for continual improvement offered by being a beta-test chapter. We support the collaborative, data-driven process because we have already begun cultivating such efforts locally.”

We appreciate the enthusiasm these chapters have for the future of the association and especially appreciate their willingness to ‘throw their hats in the ring’ to be considered for the beta-test. While the Task Force set out to include 10 chapters in the beta-test, after much deliberation, the Task Force opted to expand the beta-test to 11 chapters. Those chapters selected by the Task Force are:

  • FPA of Charlotte
  • FPA of Colorado
  • FPA of Illinois
  • FPA of Greater Kansas City
  • FPA of Northern New England
  • FPA of Metro New York
  • FPA of New Jersey
  • FPA of Orange County
  • FPA of the Philadelphia Tri-State Area
  • FPA of Middle Tennessee
  • FPA of the Triangle

While all of the applying chapters would have been great partners in the beta-test – and we certainly appreciate their participation in the process – the Task Force determined that these 11 chapters are best suited for the beta-test and are representative the entire chapter system.

We look forward to working with these beta-test chapters over the coming months as we prepare for the January 2020 launch and we also look forward to sharing their thoughts on the beta-test over the next two years right here on the OneFPA Beta Blog!