Is your firm interested in giving a student the in-office experience of a financial planning practice? 
Want to provide the student with the tools to make an informed decision that could affect their future careers? 
Do you want to give back and create a memorable experience for a student?
If so, then sign up to be a host for the externship today! 

Externship overview

  • Externship consists of 9 hours of in-office experience throughout the college semester
  • Exact times and days will be coordinated with your firm and the student.
  • Allow the student to experience the day to day life of a financial planning practice. You will get paired with an interested student from San Diego State University.
  • Give the student access to various departments within your firm (Planning, Investments, Operations, Advising).
  • Expose students to the Financial Planning Process and teach them how they can make a difference in a client’s life.
  • Externship should be viewed as job shadowing program. Student should not be asked to do intensive labor.

Contact Phillip. Chinothai, CFP® @  for more information.

Here is what the student sees regarding this program: