There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone who can benefit from the knowledge and experience only qualified financial planners can provide. Through the selfless work of volunteer financial planners, consumers who couldn't afford—or didn’t have access to—financial planning have been able to budget effectively, pay off debt, save for college, care for an aging parent, cope with the financial impact of an illness, and so much more. All has been possible through the countless volunteer hours of FPA members and FPA chapters.

Pro bono is foundational to building a truly recognized profession. The willingness of those in a profession to use their knowledge and expertise to support those who can benefit from those services is critical. For more than two decades, FPA members and chapters have been doing their part to help those from underserved and at-risk communities while engaging in an activity that is making the profession resonate.

And volunteering as a pro bono financial planner is incredibly rewarding. Just see what some volunteers and partners have to say about what pro bono planning means to them.


"I love being a pro bono volunteer!  I began working with a couple immediately and there aren’t words that can express how rewarding and satisfying it was to help them. Relieving stress and fear around their finances during a difficult time warms my soul and reminds me of why I do what I do." - FPA Member Becky Eckert, CFP®, ChFC

"I believe our pro bono financial planning efforts can help improve knowledge, awareness, and image of financial planning. We do good by doing good!" - FPA Member Suzette Rothberg, CFP®

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Become a pro bono volunteer today and see how helping others can change your tomorrow.

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FPA Pro Bono Strategic Partner

FPA and the Foundation for Financial Planning have worked together with a focus on delivering optimal management for pro bono initiatives and support to the FPA members and chapters that volunteer to serve people in need of financial planning services.
Through its strategic partnership, FPA and the Foundation provide thousands of pro bono hours annually in communities across the country.