John D. Ellison, CFA®

Managing Director

Richmond Quantitative Advisors, LLC
Affiliated Chapter

Session Title: From Data to Decisions: Evidence-Based Insights into Navigating Economic Regimes


In this presentation, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of economic growth and inflation through the lens of four macro-economic regime quadrants.  Participants will learn how to interpret and apply leading economic indicators to gauge GDP growth and anticipate broader market trends. Emphasizing an evidence-based approach, we will explore how these indicators and the quadrants can inform asset allocation decisions and identify potential investment opportunities across varying economic conditions. Attendees will gain practical insights into incorporating data-driven strategies into financial planning, enhancing their ability to navigate the complexities of economic cycles. By understanding the implications of each quadrant and the predictive power of leading indicators, financial planners will be equipped to offer more nuanced advice, adapt strategies to changing economic signals, and ultimately, provide superior value to their clients.

About John:

John leads RQA's investment operations and is responsible for the oversight and management of the firm’s strategies and portfolios. John is a CFA Charterholder, member of the CFA Institute, and a graduate from the College of William & Mary with a Bachelors degree in Finance.

 John has spent over a decade developing and managing quantitative based investment strategies. Prior to founding RQA, John spent five years executing mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital formation and financial valuation at Matrix Capital Markets Group. John began his career as an Equity Research Analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, where his research team was awarded the 2013 Financial Times’ Starmine Awards for #1 Top Stock Pickers and #2 Top Earnings Estimators.

 In addition to his role at RQA, John sits on the board of the Virginia Chapter of the CFA and regularly guess lectures in the area of quantitative finance at the University of Richmond