A OneFPA Conversation with Nancye Bailey of FPA of Charlotte

As we have explored on this blog over the past few weeks, the pandemic has forced everyone—FPA and FPA chapters—to adapt to the new reality. One of the ways our outstanding network of chapter executives is adjusting and learning is by connecting with their peers at chapters across the country.

Chapter executives make the great work of FPA chapters possible, and their responsibilities are incredibly diverse. From marketing and bookkeeping to event production and leadership development, chapter executives do it all. Add in a pandemic, and the pressure only builds with chapter leaders and members leaning on chapter executives more than ever. So, it is heartening to hear how chapter executives are connecting with their peers—especially the 11 chapter executives who are part of the OneFPA Network beta-test.

In this candid conversation, Nancye Bailey, chapter executive for FPA of Charlotte (a beta-test chapter), tells us how her chapter is adjusting, her views of the beta-test to date, and the importance of building connections with FPA staff and other chapter executives.

Watch the video!