Rebecca Rainsberger - Longbridge Financial


Senior homeowners own more than $11 Trillion in home equity, and many are struggling with a financial plan that fully fund their lifetime expenses, yet financial advisors often overlook this hidden wealth. Why? In this presentation, we take a deep dive into the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and new attractive and low-cost proprietary products to understand how it can improve the retirement plans of clients, protect against longevity risk, and be optimized to fit with client goals.

Learning objectives:
  • Review changes to the HECM program over the past several years that have strengthened consumer protections.
  • Understand core foundation of reverse mortgages, including qualifications, ongoing requirements, consumer protections, costs, disbursement of funds, credit line growth, and settlement.
  • Demonstrate the impact of funds from home equity in improving outcomes for retirement planning and estate planning.
Speaker bio:

Rebecca has been involved in the Reverse Mortgage industry for the last 16 years. She is committed to educating seniors and business partners about the positive impact reverse mortgages can have on their lives. Rebecca is a compassionate educator, providing an in-depth understanding of Reverse Mortgages and how they can be practically applied in retirement strategies to protect against longevity risk and live a more secure retirement.