How do I get a quote?

Click "Get a Quote" on the Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants FPA Group Health Plan web page. Complete the online questionnaire to receive your quote instantly. You may also call Broker Source at (913) 777-7734 and they can assist you with the quoting process.

Is getting a quote free and without obligation?

There is no fee or cost in obtaining a quote.

Is there medical underwriting?

Medical underwriting is required for each person in the group for alternate funded health plans. Once you receive the initial quotes and decide to move forward, Broker Source will provide you with employee applications/health questions to complete. Broker Source will expedite the underwriting process for you. All ACA plans require no underwriting.

How long does the medical underwriting process take?

The medical underwriting process typically takes 48 hours or less to get final rates.

Is medical underwriting kept confidential?

All medical information is kept confidential and is not released to anyone—except the carrier.

Presumably the medical underwriting requirement means that some individuals with pre-existing conditions of significance might be declined coverage. Is that right?

Each employee—and their dependents—will need to complete an application and health questionnaire. Underwriting is on a group basis, not individual. After underwriting, which generally takes 48 hours or less, a group will receive their final rates.

What medical network is used?

All major networks offered.

Can plan benefits be altered?

Benefits from the quoted plans can be altered. Please call Broker Source at (913) 777-7734 to discuss plan options and indicate that you are a member of the Financial Planning Association and John E. Ryan is the agent.

Are HSA compatible plans provided?

HSA compatible plans can be provided. You must first submit applications and medical questionnaires to receive final rates. At that time, you would talk with a Broker Source consultant about available HSA options and receive compatible plans and rates. Please call Broker Source at (913) 777-7734 to request quotes for plans with this option.

Does the FPA member/business owner have to be enrolled in the plan in order to offer it to his/her employees?

The FPA member/business owner does not have to be enrolled in the plan. He or she can opt out of the plan, but the plan does require the minimum number of enrolled participants (employees + dependents) to meet the requirements of the state where the policy will be issued.

Can my employees and dependents located in other states be covered by the plan?

Employees and dependents located in other states from where the policy is issued can be covered on the same plan.

Can family members qualify as employees?

Family members do not qualify as employees. Dependents (spouses and children) do count in the minimum enrollment requirements of each state.

Would a member and spouse working full-time meet the requirements of two employees?

Most carriers do not consider a member and spouse as two employees, but rather as one. An additional employee would be required.

What if I am a sole proprietor with no employees?

You should call Broker Source and discuss what options are available to you in the state you reside. Please call 913-777-7734 and indicate you’re an FPA member.

What portion, if any, does the employer have to pay of the premiums?

The employer, at a minimum, is responsible for 50% of the EE portion of the premium.

Does the plan renew each year?

You will receive a renewal letter prior to your policy anniversary each year.

What is the difference between a fully insured national plan and a self-funded level premium plan?

A fully insured national health plan would be subject to Federal Laws (ACA) and required to accept all members who apply. A level premium self-funded plan is subject to State laws, has a stop-loss component to the premiums and requires medical underwriting.

What is Broker Source?

Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants has selected Broker Source to assist FPA members with this exclusive offer for Group Health Plans. Broker Source will provide year-round service to you and your staff and will handle your group enrollment, administration and the renewal process for you. They are there to help you with your FPA Group Health Plan needs.

Are other products available?

Other products available to you as members of FPA are as follows:

  • Short-term Medical Plans
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Critical Illness and Accident Plans
  • Senior Products (Medicare supplement and Advantage Plans)

Access these options here.

Contact Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants at (800) 796-0909 for more information about the FPA Long-Term Disability and Life Insurance Programs. Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants also provides individual disability, individual life and long-term care insurance products.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can call Broker Source at (913) 777-7734 for quotes, questions and enrollment assistance for all member-exclusive FPA health plans, short-term medical, dental and vision, and senior products. You can also email Clay Kretsinger at Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants at