Liv Olson, CEO - Liv Olson Consulting

Practice Management

Teams are one of the most basic, common and important work systems. And usually, teams are mostly just winging it. This lack of attending to the system of being a team can result in low sense of trust, commitment, confusion in decision making, tense relationships, poor goal attainment and other issues. In this session discover the capabilities of an effective team. Through four lenses of Conversation,  Relationship, Work and Outcomes, there are opportunities for clarity & strong future.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand the signs of low effectiveness in teams and discover the biggest driver(s) to create change.
  • Use a framework to identify, own and improve issues as they arise within a team.
  • How to work together on the highest priority capabilities that, if enhanced, will make the greatest difference in overall effectiveness.
Speaker bio:

Liv Olson is a certified executive and team effectiveness coach through the International Coaching Federation, Seattle Coach and Team Elements, respectively. She has led HR in mission-driven financial services organizations for nearly twenty years. Using intentional and flexible structure, Liv draws out the issues that will truly make the most significant difference to each team. For both the team and individuals, unhelpful old patterns give way to an improved, empowered fresh reality.