Jocelyn D. Wright, CFP®, is a managing partner at Ascension Wealth. She’s an advocate for progressing the financial planning profession toward having a “gold standard” certification (like the CFP® designation), and developing the identity of the profession. Within her practice, she focuses on providing financial education to her client community and beyond.

At this year’s NexGen Gathering, Jocelyn helped to lead a session on the identity in the profession - and how to develop your own identity as a NexGen planner. At NexGen, an advisor said:

How can I establish my identity as a planner when the profession is still establishing it’s identity?

Jocelyn tackles this question, and outlines what current planners and profession leaders can do to progress the financial planning profession using other professions as models. We discuss the history of financial planning, and how the profession has evolved over time. Jocelyn also dives into how she envisions the profession growing in the next several years and decades.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about Jocelyn and how she aligns herself with the financial planning profession. You’ll also learn how you can start to develop your own personal vision for your career as a financial planner, how to outline your core values as a NexGen planner, and the best ways to communicate your identity in this profession. Ready to dive in? Listen now!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What a personal statement is for financial planners
  • How to develop your “why” within the profession
  • The importance of boiling down your core values to deliver exceptional planning services
  • Where Jocelyn sees the profession evolving to
  • How educating your community can be a passion and a value as a planner
  • How to balance building a business (and running a profitable business) with wanting to help under-served communities