In this episode we go over how to incorporate positive psychology into your planning with Dr. Martin Seay. Learning how to incorporate positive psychology into you practice can help to improve your planning, communication, and relationship with your clients.

As financial planners, we may often see how our work aligns with psychology.  Although most of us aren’t qualified to be a full-fledged financial therapist, there are ways for us to incorporate psychology into our practices.

This week, your host Hannah Moore sits down with Dr. Martin Seay, Ph.D., CFP®, to talk about positive psychology in financial planning. As financial planners, we impact the lives of our clients in profound ways.. We can use positive psychology to lower our client’s stress, help them to grow an optimistic outlook both in their finances and their life and thrive in their financial and personal life.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to implement positive psychology in your practice.
  • How to reframe negative money mindsets.
  • How to communicate positively with clients.
  • How to relieve the tension your clients feel about money.
  • How to create positive money scripts.
  • How to energize the conversation around financial planning.


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