Editorial Boards

The Journal of Financial Planning and Next Generation Planner are supported by formal advisory boards that provide feedback on article topics and share ideas.

Editorial Advisory Board members are volunteers who help ensure the Journal’s editorial focus serves its readers well. The Editorial Advisory Boards comprise financial planning practitioners, academics, and professionals who support the financial planning profession.


  • Board members should be members of the Financial Planning Association.
  • Volunteer terms generally last two years.
  • Quarterly 60-minute conference calls are lively discussions in which members brainstorm various topics to guide the editor in planning content for upcoming issues of the Journal. The Board serves as the editor’s “eyes and ears” for what’s happening in the profession.
  • The editorial staff also seeks Editorial Advisory Board member feedback on published Journal content to discover (in a more personal way than our research can provide) what our readers find useful, engaging, interesting, and what needs improvement.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, email Danielle Andrus, editor.


Peer Review Board

The Journal of Financial Planning plays a unique role in expanding the body of knowledge in the financial planning profession. Each month, it provides FPA members a mix of practical, actionable content and technical, peer-reviewed research papers. The research papers are made possible by dozens of experts—academics and practitioners alike—who volunteer their time to read and evaluate viable manuscripts in a double-blind peer review process. Join this important effort today.


  • Possess a thorough understanding of one's area of expertise.
  • Evaluate a manuscript's originality and contribution to the knowledge base of financial planning and financial services.
  • Evaluate a manuscript for its technical accuracy, soundness of research, methodology, clarity, and relevance to the financial planning profession.
  • Provide detailed and objective comments on manuscripts to help authors improve and further develop their work, with the goal of a manuscript being accepted for publication in the Journal.
  • Adhere to review deadlines.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, email Bridger Cummings, assistant editor.