Financial planning is a profession founded on hope and optimism, and the Financial Planning Association is committed to changing tomorrows by ensuring that the possibility of a brighter future is readily available to all who need these services but cannot afford or access them. The FPA Pro Bono Program connects passionate financial planning practitioners to individuals, families, and communities in need. Every year, FPA chapters and members work to provide thousands of hours of one-on-one, no-strings-attached pro bono financial planning advice to thousands of consumers across the country. Their efforts are transforming the lives of consumers from underserved and at-risk communities and have been a staple of the association since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. If you're a consumer who can benefit from pro bono financial planning advice, explore the many opportunities available to you. If you're an FPA member looking to volunteer your time and experience, we want to hear from you.

Need Pro Bono Financial Planning Advice?

Pro bono financial planning is helping individuals realize better futures
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Get Involved with Pro Bono Financial Planning

Volunteering as a pro bono financial planner is rewarding and impactful
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Pro Bono Volunteer & Chapter Resources

Access pro bono training programs, resources and volunteer opportunities (member sign-in required)
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FPA Pro Bono Strategic Partner

FPA and the Foundation for Financial Planning have worked together with a focus on delivering optimal management for pro bono initiatives and support to the FPA members and chapters that volunteer to serve people in need of financial planning services.
Through its strategic partnership, FPA and the Foundation for Financial Planning provide thousands of pro bono hours annually in communities across the country.