This award recognizes individuals who demonstrate commitment and passion in doing extraordinary work to contribute or give back to the financial planning community and/or the public.

This is among the highest honor awarded to members of the FPA community involved with service. Notable individuals, organizations/firms or groups working in the areas of FPA member education, FPA chapter support, financial literacy, professional innovation, community education and other service-focused endeavors are excellent candidates for the award. The recipient(s) are recognized at FPA Annual Conference.​

Nominations should be completed using the Nomination Form​, supporting letters and/or other documentation as needed. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your affiliation with the nominee (FPA member, chapter leader, employee, associated professional, etc.).
  • Clarify the nominee's excellence in demonstrating FPA's Core Values; and the nominee's extraordinary service and stewardship to contribute or give back to the financial planning community and/or the public.
  • Explain why your nominee should be considered for this award. Focus on key points and provide specific examples to support your recommendation. If you are recommending a company or organization, focus on the contributions of the company or organization.
Previous awardees:


  • Shawn Jacobson, CFP®, ChFC®, AWMA
  • Mark Prendergast, CPA, CFP®, CDFA
  • Celeste Revelli, CFP®


  • Hannah Moore, CFP®
  • Laurie Dubchansky, CFP®


  • No award given


  • Stuart Armstrong, CFP®, CLU®, CLTC, ADPA, AIF®
  • Craig Jergenson, CFP®
  • Tara Scottino, CFP®


  • Lazetta Rainey-Braxton, MBA, CFP®
  • Elizabeth Jetton, CFP®
  • Janet Stanzak, MS, CFP®


  • Michael Branham, CFP®
  • Scott Kahan, CFP®
  • Marty Kurtz, CFP®
  • Tanya Steinhofer, CFP®, CFA


  • John Crosby, CFP®, ChFC, CLTC, CRPC 
  • Jim Peniston
  • Richard Salmen, CFP®, CFA® , EA


  • Leslie Beck, MBA, CFP®
  • Sabrina Lowell, CFP®


  • Rick Fingerman, CFP®, CDFA
  • Louis Barajas, MBA, CFP®


  • Elaine Bedel, CFP®
  • Harold Evensky, CFP® , and Deena Katz, CFP®
  • Kacy Gott, CFP®
  • Savvy Ladies


  • Jon Beyrer, CFP®, EA
  • Reed Fraasa, CFP®, AIF®, RLP®
  • Omega Hartman, CFP®
  • Anja Luesink, MBA, CFP® , RLP®
  • Ruth Lytton, Ph.D. 
  • Kathy Muldoon, CFP®
  • John R. (Dick) Power, CFP®
  • Neal J. Solomon, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CASL 
  • Richard E. Vodra, JD, CFP®
  • David Yeske, DBA., CFP®


  • Frank Paré, CFP®
  • Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer
  • John Comer, CFP®
  • Judith Volkmann, Esq., CFP®
  • Marco Chavarín
  • Nicholas A. Nicolette, CFP®
  • Robert Glovsky, JD, LLM, CFP®


  • Don Blandin
  • Mark Clark
  • Saundra Davis, MSFP
  • Michael Kitces, MSFS, CFP® , CLU, ChFC
  • Keith Loveland, JD , AIFA, CIDA
  • Brent A. Neiser, CFP® , CAE
  • Don Pitti (posthumous award)
  • Karin Price Mueller


  • Bob Kaitz
  • Charles Fitzgerald, CFP®
  • Clare Stenstrom, CFP®
  • William Stratton, CFP®


  • Dr. William Gustafson, Ph.D, M.S.
  • Peter Kote, JD, Dee Lee, CFP®
  • Jeffry Sessions, CFP®
  • Ken Williams, CFP®, CPA, MBA


  • Humberto Cruz 
  • Gwen Fletcher, AFPA, QPIB
  • Patricia Garman, CFP®
  • Larry Johnson, CFP®
  • Royce Monk, CFP®
  • Bobbie Munroe, CFP®
  • James Russell
  • Parker James Tissot, CFP®


  • George Kinder, CFP®, RLP®
  • Ross Levin, CFP®
  • Gary Morris, CFP®
  • Nancy Schwarztmiller
  • Bonnie Stanley
  • Robert N. Veres
  • Blankinship & Foster
  • FPA of New York - Pro Bono Committee
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