Jay Mooreland, MS, CFP® - Behavioral Finance Network


The industry has recently acknowledged the need for training in the field of behavioral finance. But most of that training is focused on theory. And while interesting, it leaves the advisors thinking, "what do I do about this?" Several simple applications of behavioral finance will be taught that attendees can implement in their practice immediately – helping improve their clients' financial and investment decisions.

Learning objectives:
  • Learn how mental shortcuts influence poor investment decisions.
  • Learn how emotions may feel right while hijacking our ability to analyze situations and make mindful investment decisions.
  • Implement takeaways shared in the presentation (less knee jerk reactions) about their financial decisions.
Speaker bio:

Jay is passionate about progress. Progression comes from learning – both from others and from our own mistakes. As an investor and advisor, Jay made many mistakes and saw countless others make mistakes. Jay
founded The Behavioral Finance Network to help advisors increase their value and coach their clients to make better financial decisions. In addition to speaking across the globe Jay has published several industry articles and two books on investor behavior.