Infrastructure Investing - A Global Opportunity

Speaker: Christopher Yost, Vice President, Cantor Fitzgerald

Infrastructure is deeply woven into our everyday lives and is an important driver of economic growth. Electricity, roads, water systems, public utilities, airports, railways, and telecommunications are essential services that drive economic activity enabling trade and mobility.

Infrastructure has historically delivered attractive total returns, a high level of current income, a hedge against inflation and portfolio diversification benefits due to having a low correlation to traditional securities.

Infrastructure investment often aligns with several of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals, or SDGs. Sustainable investment strategies have seen an increase in demand and are expected to account for $50 trillion of total assets under management globally by 2025.

Infrastructure has historically delivered attractive total returns consisting of capital appreciation and current income, often with tax efficiencies. The persistent demand for infrastructure products and services has resulted in lower economic sensitivity and a historically low correlation to other asset classes providing potential portfolio diversification benefits. In addition, many infrastructure assets are monopolistic in nature, have high barriers to entry, and enjoy inflation-linked pricing in their contracts functioning as a potential hedge against future inflation.


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