Rahul Zende, Principal Data Scientist I Navy Federal Credit Union


The presentation will take participants through a session discussing and envisioning the ‘Future of Financial Planning with AI augmentations’, where they will collectively imagine the future landscape of financial planning with advancements in AI which can help prepare themselves for the upcoming industry shifts. Discussion covers AI in Financial Planning too: how AI can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of financial planning, and the skills needed to leverage these technologies effectively.

Learning objectives: 1. How is AI currently being used in Financial Planning 2. What are the skills needed to leverage AI in financial planning 3. Where is financial planning industry headed with advent of nascent technologies including but not limited to Generative AI? 4. What can professionals in financial planning industry do to upskill themselves in use of AI?

About the speaker

Rahul Zende is a seasoned data professional with diverse skills & experience across many contexts ranging from research and academia to business and corporate analytics. He currently works as a Principal Data Scientist at Navy Federal Credit Union (world’s largest credit union) where he operates as a senior data professional advising, architecting & building Data+AI solutions, and hiring talent across multiple levels. He is passionate about applying AI & Machine Learning to a range of areas/topics.