In 2019 we implemented a new program: FPASWO membership scholarships! We award two types of scholarships every year: Diversity & Inclusion and NexGen.

Our 2023 Membership Scholarship application will open in fall of 2022. Interested in current resources available for membership? Feel free to contact us!

Diversity & Inclusion Membership Scholarship
The ideal candidate is one who is:

  • Raising awareness and providing financial planning in diverse communities
  • Increasing professional opportunities for diverse communities within the financial planning profession.
  • Must have a reference from a current FPASWO member

NexGen Membership Scholarship
The ideal candidate:

  • Is enthusiastic about the profession but needs some financial assistance in becoming a member of the FPA
  • An early-career CFP® professionals who have been in the profession for less than 8 years
  • Must have a reference from a current FPASWO member