COVID-19 is changing everything for everyone and no one―and no organization―is immune. How we operated prior to the coronavirus taking hold isn’t possible now and will likely change how we collectively operate for the foreseeable future.

Over the past several weeks, FPA has been working to address the challenges that are already starting to materialize, including cancellation and/or postponement of in-person events, slowing of membership renewals, the need for more member programming that can be delivered virtually, and the financial impact. To provide FPA chapter leaders and chapter executives with an update on how the association is responding and to provide chapters with some guidance they need to also cope with the rapidly changing landscape, FPA held a 45-minute live update (click below to see the full recording) to share the organization’s work and planning.

During the update, several key leaders discussed FPA's overall responsibility and responsiveness, what staff is doing on membership and marketing, programming update and guidance to chapters for their planned events, guidance on navigating local partnerships, and the adjustments FPA is making financially. There was also open Q&A to answer questions from chapter leaders.

Check out the recording and be sure to keep an eye out for future updates and guidance.

Watch the video!