Why the FPA of Michigan Mentorship Program was created:

The FPA of Michigan has developed advantageous relationships with several universities in Michigan which offer personal financial planning curriculum. As a result of these relationships, the FPA of Michigan introduced the Mentorship Program. The goal of the Mentorship Program is to connect FPA Members with students who aspire to pursue a career in financial planning.  Please note, the Mentorship Program runs from April through October. 

What is expected from the Mentor and Mentee:

​​​​​​The mentors will guide the mentee over a minimum of three phone calls (April, July and October) as they complete their personal financial planning degrees and transition into their financial planning careers. 

The program allows the mentor to provide the mentee with “real world” advice and educate them on the different career paths available. Mentees will look to their mentors as a sounding board as they begin to navigate their financial planning careers. As a mentor you will also be encouraged to help the graduating student begin their journey into the FPA of Michigan by inviting them to events and introducing them to NexGen. The mentorship coordinator will provide guidance of topic areas to cover over the three phone calls. 

There is no physical requirement, mentors/mentees can live anywhere in the state of Michigan. Mentors will be invited to the students' final capstone financial planning presentations, and invited as guest speakers if they are interested, but it is not required to attend.

The next steps:

  • Are you a financial professional and a current FPA Member looking to give back to the next generation of financial advisors? If yes, click here to sign up as a Mentor.
  • Are you a student interested in pursuing a career in financial planning? If yes, click here to sign up to be paired with a seasoned financial planner who can help mentor you through the challenges of getting started in this industry.
  • In March, after we identify the mentee/mentor match, you will receive an email with contact information and other useful tips for a successful experience!


Please email our Career Development Committee at info@fpami.com.