Part of the family

Credit Union Trust was formed to provide more trust services to more members of the community. If you have clients in need of a corporate trustee or additional fiduciary protection, we are here to help you serve them more effectively.

Benefits include:

  • We serve as your client’s trustee and offer additional fiduciary expertise and protection
  • You maintain the relationship from an investment perspective
  • We work closely with you as the relationship lead to determine how best to interact with the client, while ensuring that we are adhering to the terms of the trust
  • To best serve you and your client’s needs, we offer flexible custody and billing options, with the potential to retain the assets on your platform
  • Your clients appreciate the added value this service bring to the relationship
  • We are here to supplement and enhance (not supplant) your relationships.  We view continuity and the ability to work with a dedicated team of experts as the ideal platform to meet evolving client needs.

To learn more about how we have helped other RIAs like you, contact:

Jordan Summers, President & CEO
office: 877.730.6109 | mobile: 989.388.1713
Credit Union Trust
570 Kirts Boulevard | Suite 225 | Troy, Michigan 48084

Team members located throughout Michigan